View Full Version : 250ml glass vodka - myth or reality?

02-12-2003, 04:24
Was I stitched up a kipper or what! (rhetorical question, I think!)they told me it was the polite and done thing, yeah - knock back the whole glass and suck on a gherkin goldfish stylee.

Reflecting on an evening long past - a stag night in Lipetsk (well two stags nights if truth be known, both church and registery, a slow learner I 'm afraid!). Here I am sitting at my desk at some god-forsaken hour writing a piece for the local rag, and taking time out to contemplate next weekend's hop over to your neck of the woods - thinking shall I, shan't I (of course I'll come), but should I succumb to the barbaric pastime so widely practised by the native countrymen and women and consume copious amounts of alcohol and awake Mr furry tongue just to please the natives, inlaws, outlaws and local drotari?

or, does temperance and moderation now curry favour with the inlaws?

I've wanted to direct my question to a learned and worldly wise bunch of people, and yes, you guessed it, I arrived at expat.ru! where better to secure some honest, no-bull straight advice - really, should I mix papa's moonshine with the export bound shite, or should I humble myself and adopt the the fine british trait and, grin and bare it!

Yours in complete and total apathy,mixed with a smidgen of complete ignorance.(oh and an air of superoitee, well I am engfish - yank twajs!0H)


02-12-2003, 04:34
late night posts - dont ya luv em!
for those early rising waste-coasters TILL YUR HERE YO JST A BUNCH O W****RS, instead of read 'n catch the Airbus over here!

you know who you are. Mr.IKAN EDIT n DEL :)