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17-09-2007, 07:09
I am British. My wife is Russian/British. Our child was born in London. The birth was reported to the Russian Embassy in London, which translated the birth certificate. I then had an apostille attached. The Russian Embassy then included my child in my wife's international passport.

Problem is, my wife's passport is expiring and they refuse to include my child in her new one, or issue him his own, arguing he isn't Russian since he was born abroad. Does anyone have any advice?

We live in Moscow. My wife is registered in Taganka. Can anyone tell us what we need to produce, and where we need to go, to get the passport issued? The British Embassy has not been any help, sending us to our local passport office. They simply refuse to issue the passport!! Others out there must be in the same situation.

17-09-2007, 10:04
From my own experience and from what I've read here in the past, it will be nearly impossible to do this on your own here in Moscow.

2 routes:

1. Get a lawyer experienced with these issues here. You won't be able to do it without professional help and someone who knows how to explain the right rules and procedures to the right people.

2. Go through the Russian embassy in London - they know how the system works and will probably do it with a minimum of hassle.

my 2 pence.

17-09-2007, 11:42
I know this doesn't help with your question--

It sounds like the child is a boy? Not having a Russian passport could be one of the best things that ever happened to him. Seriously.

In light of the threat of draft into the Russian army, you may want to give careful consideration as to how far you want to pursue his Russian passport. It could turn into a liability down the road.