View Full Version : Editors for the website for expats needed!

28-11-2011, 12:45
Hey everybody! My name is Alex, and iam one of the founders of the http://realmoscow.me website. Here we write about topics that can be interesting for expats and tourists - info about Moscow, its places, people, where to go, topics on visa aspects and even basic notions of Russian language.

We started just a couple of months ago but have already made some progress, however, as we are not native English speakers our content has some problems - spelling and stylish errors.

We want to make the RealMoscow.me a better website to present more useful nfo, but we need your help. If someone can become our editor and spend some time to help us with our texts it would be perfect we would be so grateful for you!

If you want to participate in the website pls write me a DM here.
Looking forward to your reply!