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27-11-2011, 15:05
I am getting married in two weeks in moscow to my russian fiancÚ. As we are completely new to this to city we could use some tips from the local expat community.

First of all we need an interpreter for the official part of the day at ZAGS. None of my party speak any russian and none from the brides party speak english. So someone that could translate the formal official part of the day would help a lot.

Second we need a car. We are keeping the invitation list small, to a maximum of 14 people. What are the experiences with limousine rental companies and which do you recommend?

Thirdly, we need a venue. We are a relative small group but we would still like to rent out a small to medium sized room where we can celebrate the marriage. Obviously there should be plenty of food and drinks and we have a nice budget available for this. Im just not sure where to look for this, and what is customary in russia, but i am hoping the people here might point me in the right direction. The party place has to be in the city center.

And lastly... I apparently need a new suit for the occasion ;)

Thanks a lot for your help.

27-11-2011, 15:17
Almost forgot... We need a photografer as well!

27-11-2011, 15:25
if yes, then most probably you get married at the ZAGS at Butirsky Val. the only one where foreigners can get married.Even if one partner is Russian. *(my wife is Russian i am Austrian, so we got married there).

Most probably you have been there already to pick the date of your wedding, so i am surprised they did not make you an offer about a limo,camera man and a restaurant.
we picked a limo THERE, the drivers do it every day, they know where closest to park, which monuments to see, what to do. we also got a camera man from there. he was with us the whole day and since most of my relatives could not come, he also added about 2hours of -Moscow- in such a way, you would never have thought we never been there. and since many foreigners are there, translators are also at hand at the ZAGS. By the way all the ceremony was in Russian language, no one asked me if i understood what i am in for...:ak:
a Restaurant, it really depends what you want and how much money
you want to spend. RED SQUARE ONE, the restaurant in the Museum, they make you a feast like during the time of the TSAR, with prices to follow.
you don't say where you live, maybe check out something not to far from home, easier to get home after the party...
most probably if your friends and relatives are Russians, you might want to choose a local restaurant, with lots of Vodka and -GORKA-GORKA-.By the way, any of the GEORGIAN Restaurants- Genatsvale- around the Old-New Arbat know how to do a Party...
And if you have foreign relatives or friends coming, a good way to introduce them to Russia.
and for a suite, go there, let your fiance help you. and don't think they have only Chinese -rags- there. while i am still convinced the Gucci's don't come from Italy, at least the fakes are damn good. We bought there, and still do, and my wife knows about clothes.

27-11-2011, 15:53
The first came to my mind is Kvartira 44. I simply like this place. Never been there with a wedding party but it's one of my favorite restaurants because of their home Moscow interior style, good food and central location. It is said on the site that they are opened for any parties for 8-45 persons. Take a look to their photos http://www.kv44.ru/bolshaya-nikitskaya/pics/interior.html and menu http://www.kv44.ru/bolshaya-nikitskaya/menu.html here.

It was the first but not the only idea. There are so many places.... Everything depends on your style preferences and budget.

Uncle Pasha
19-12-2011, 06:31
About a year ago my client held a birthday party of 25 at the Museum of Soviet Archade machines and was delighted. I don't know the rate was but it seems it was on the reasonable side. The museum was on Malaya Ordynka but now as I'm looking it up it appears ito have moved to Baumanskaya 11. Tel. +7 916 167 1925.

25-07-2012, 20:35
I am getting married in Moscow in September, we are in the process of organizing everything. We decided to get a home in the Oblast for 1 night where we'll have dinner and everyone can sleep over. We have a lot of people coming from all over the world, so it's the only way to have everyone together.

The big question is which limo company should I use for transport? We want to get a minibus instead of a limousine since they are more comfortable. We've read so many things on the internet where they never show up, show up in a different car, rude drivers, drivers who want more money or they won't drive etc... I'm not surprised, but there must be a company that will work as expected - can anyone recommend a good limo company??

This is something that can mess up your whole day. :question:

25-07-2012, 22:40
This is something that can mess up your whole day. :question:[/QUOTE]

for your wedding day are you also hiring a limo, you know one of these stretch things. might be a good idea by the way, keep everyone together. if yes, organise ALL your transport through them. we took up the offer direct from the people at the ZAGS, they done it many times, know where to go and are not interested in games.. they know what important day it is. also if they f**up, follow up business from Zags will dry up for them or they will be taken off their list.And if you realy have many people coming, might be not a bad idea to hire a nice bus or two.

http://en.avtotours.ru/ i have been on their busses as passenger.clean busses, no cowboy driver.
(don't know if the site is in russian language, I have google chrome browser that translated it immediately into English)

27-07-2012, 14:38
Thanks for your reply. We'll go to ZAGS tomorrow and arrange it with the lady there.

We didn't want to get a stretched limo because it's not so comfortable. We were on a friends wedding last year and they hired a Hummer limo and it was claustrophobic, not enough space/comfort etc. A Mercedes minibus will be better for 20 people, especially since we have older people coming (parents and family).

01-08-2012, 13:18
We just got married last week and went to Scandinavia at Tverskaya/Pushkinskaya for dinner. My dad was the only foreigner there (American, and quite used to good food), and couldn't stop raving about how great all the food was. It's a bit nicer than your average Russian restaurant, but it's not crazy overpriced like some of the places that cater to oligarchs and foreigners. We budgeted about 50k rubles for our party of 12 and the bill only came to 33k, including tons of appetizers, beer/wine/vodka/champage, meals and some after dinner drinnks. It's not really the traditional Russian wedding dinner with all the games and jokes and such, but it was nice. Anastasia was the woman who helped us and was really sweet, we had our own room which is just about the right size for 14 people on one table, and they customized our menus with English on the back, only meals and desserts, and no prices. If you're interested I have some pictures of it all so you can get an idea of what to expect.

As for translators, I'm not sure. I have a British friend who works as a translator (texts usually) who might be willing to do it if it's on a weekend. I'm sure if you only have someone come for ZAGS it won't be too expensive, but things like that can quickly get ridiculous in Moscow if you're not careful.

I have no idea about limo companies. My brother in law works at Nissan and borrowed a few cars. Don't your inlaws and your wife's friends have cars you could use? Good luck!

07-08-2012, 17:37
We have a lot of relatives coming from different parts of the world and Russia, mostly by airplane, so we only have a few cars and on top of that, some people want to have a drink and don't want to drive the next morning. :)

07-08-2012, 17:46
And lastly... I apparently need a new suit for the occasion ;)

Thanks a lot for your help.

Stay out of the way of The Women :bong: Just nod your head and :iagree: to everything - even the suit|tux with red cummerbund they pick out for you ;)

07-08-2012, 17:53
zags that i have been to require you to say one thing "ya soglasni" or to that effect (i accept)...they were the only words spoken, other than by the celebrant.