View Full Version : SMS to 5541,70 Rubles,helps childern

25-11-2011, 22:31
that's why I am posting it here and not under charities.
I hope admin don't mind!Thank you!!:AngelPray:

This was, the last few days, news on the 1st Channel.And i think the anchor, Ekaterina Andreevna is not being taken to read some scam news. On THAT I sent 2 SMSes.The money is collected this way, you send an SMS and after 2 minutes you get a -thank you- in return, is for kids who need expensive operations that the parents never could pay for themselves.The 1st channel also has a site, where it shows how much money came in and what is being done with it. they also show on the news the parents and kids who's bills get paid by our donations.:AngelPray:
70 Rubles don't hurt, we all have mobiles, it is just half a beer at your favorite pub.:AngelPray:

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27-11-2011, 14:51

i honestly thought there will be more..