View Full Version : Help for newcomers! Consultatation about the city life

23-11-2011, 18:01
Hey everybody! If there are any newcomers or someone who will be in Moscow soon? I want to offer my help. I can meet you in Moscow and tell you about the city - about how to use Metro, for eg. or smth else you want to know. I do this consultations with my friend Dmitry and they are absolutely free.

My goal here is to help people and to practise English. We could meet somewhere like Starbucks or smth else. We already have a couple of such meetings and people were stisfied =) We prefer to do it on weekand as it is more convenient to everybody. For eg. if we speak about Metro - weekand is the best time to go and practise your first trip there without any rush-hour.

We have a car so can pick you up if necessary.

So if there anyone who is interested? If yes, pls write me in DM here