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26-11-2003, 17:26

I'll be celebrating New Years in Vietnam this year and then spending about a week there. So does anyone know:

1. Of any good places in Ho Chi Minh city to hang out at or go for New Years?

2. Anything about Mekong delta tours? Who are the reputable agencies?


27-11-2003, 09:29
I preferred Hanoi over Ho Chi Minh but that is a personal taste preference you either love Ho Chi Min and hate Hanoi or vice versa. Tours... what are tours.. oh those horrible things that tourists go on.. never been on one sorry I cant say. I much prefer my backpack and bed in a local home than a 5 star motel. But I tell you booking though tour company will be about 3-5 times more expensive than what it is, for example you can go on a decent tour to say Halong Bay, Cat Bah Island for about 10-15 dollars us per day all meals and accommodation met somebody on the same trip who paid for it as a part of prebooked tour for a tidy 50 per day (this was average for his entire tour but still)

enrico palazzo
17-12-2003, 16:15
Vietnam was really cool. Stayed up north mostly, though. If you want to take a tour, just go to a cafe when you get there and they can book you one. (They're all over) I think the Macong tour is 2 nights and 3 days, shouldn't be more than 30-40 US dollars. Be careful about money--don't use the ATMs there, you will get charged a hefty fee from your home bank. Just bring dollars. Also, you can't change your Vietnamese dong back into anything else upon departure so spend them all. I would reccomend taking the train up and then fly back to Saigon airport (HCM City). There is a cool town 20 km south of Danang called Hoi An and is rather peaceful compared to the cities and you can get some great clothes and suits made. Have a favorite pair of pants or a shirt that is about to give out? They will duplicate it. I got two suits there for a hundred bucks. Also, get yourself a backpack or two, they're way cheap. In fact, bring little with you as you can buy anything there for ridiculously low amounts. Oh, and get some snake wine...One caveat: keep your thing in your pants--it is illegal to have Vietnamese nationals in your hotel room and the hotel staff will turn you in. Also, don't forget the 12 dollar dept. tax. when you leave Vietnam and that line is HUGE.