View Full Version : AUCHAN shaving foam vs.Gillette

16-11-2011, 07:48
i use since many years Gillette shaving foam with the red cap/can *(it has no aroma or flavor), the cheapest one i found is some 65 rubles for 200 ml at Dvoi Dom (66 km on the Ring road, it is the one out here in Strogino).
AUSHAN has now the no name Brand, also 200 ml for less then 40 rubles. I am trying it now since a month, and there is no difference in comfort or ease of getting the foam onto the face.
I hate gels, they get between fingers and you have to use much more proportion wise.

cube sugar from BELARUS (Billa) 2 x 500 gr packs are cheaper then 1x 1kgr pack.Beats me. And sugar from Belarus is cheaper then Russian sugar.About 5 or six rubles a kilo.BUT russian sugar is -rafinad- while sugar cubes from BR are only -pressed- (rafinad is a little sweeter, it contains less Molasses.)