View Full Version : No cocktails???

13-09-2007, 17:01

No cocktails at TGI's at the moment thanks to the licensing stuff. Can anyone suggest a restaurant where cocktails are served? Maybe Il Patia?

Please help

13-09-2007, 17:06
don't go to hardrock they forget to add the alcohol!

DJ Biscuit
13-09-2007, 17:16
At least TGIFs have an excuse.

Tema bar and Help do cocktails.

Len Ganley Stance
14-09-2007, 16:49
...............As do 'The Last Drop'

14-09-2007, 18:01
err can't most barmen make cocktails? I would assume most bars would have cocktails if you ask for them - how watered down they are is another story:)

17-09-2007, 11:01
Tundra Bar (aka Too Drunk to Fxxk) has some creative cocktails.

Come on Heisel, you know the rules!