View Full Version : A lesson for the Mobilemaniacs

12-09-2007, 16:09
See what a cell (mobile) can do
1 Egg

2 Mobiles

65 minutes of connection between mobiles.

We assembled something as per image:


Initiated the call between the two mobiles and allowed 65 minutes approximately…

During the first 15 minutes nothing happened;

25 minutes later the egg started getting hot;

45 minutes later the egg is hot;

65 minutes later the egg is cooked.


Conclusion: The immediate radiation of the mobiles has the potential to modify the proteins of the egg. Imagine what it can do with the proteins of your brains when you do long calls.

PS.on the same TV show it was shown how they did it later without the cell phones.

The reason why it can`t be done by cell phones is because there is not enough leaked radiation.

Has been proven many many times, the radiation blast is only there for 1-3 secs max when you first make or receive a call and then it gets reduced by upto 90 times.