View Full Version : 11-11-11 Expat Party & Fundraiser: let's go crazy!

27-10-2011, 22:01
Important updated info about our first charity party on 11.11.11 at Booze Bub here: http://expat.ru/forum/showthread.php?t=365284

Korotky Gennady
02-11-2011, 00:47
I'm glad for drtnsnw too. :12035:

03-11-2011, 21:10
I'm glad for everyone, including three good charities. And for those who will attend, because we have some great raffle prizes in store and will set up a book market with some very good bargains! :) Are you joining, Gena?

Korotky Gennady
04-11-2011, 16:54
Hello, Erick.

Unfortunately I'll have big examination on this day... on Friday 11th November.