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24-10-2011, 16:32
Hi! My names is Alex and iam an editor of the Realmoscow.me website.

Here we write about the city, places, sport schedules, visa problems, sightseeign and many other things. One of the important auditoried of the project are expats.

We'd like to make a lot of interview with expats on the topic what they do like and what they do not like about Moscow. So i invite all of you who live or work here to share your experience and maybe do smth like a map of recommended places and services in the city what will help the newcomers we trust. Please contact me via PM
I will send you the questions for the interview in the reply message. There will be about 4 questions, not that much so you won't spend much time answering.

Thank you!

01-11-2011, 10:37
Hey guys! Today i will post first results of our collaboration - interviews with expats:

Leigh-Ann Stewart - http://realmoscow.me/2011/10/25/interview-leigh-ann-stewart/

Chris Gilbert - http://realmoscow.me/2011/11/01/chris-gilbert/

Jessie Cumming - http://realmoscow.me/2011/10/28/interview-with-jessie-cumming/

I liked them a lot =) If you have any comments or want to be interviewed and share some useful info for newcomers - please write me in DM here.