View Full Version : Clothes for the homeless

Uncle Pasha
20-10-2011, 10:48
I'm making this notice on behalf of Dr. Liza (just google up Doctor Liza+Moscow+homeless).

The Moscow homeless are in desperate need for clothes. It does not need to be new but clean and presentable enough so that they are allowed eg. to enter the Metro. Your unwanted clothes can be left at Dr. Liza's office at Pyatnitskaya 17/4. Go through the arc and then down into the basement. Tel. +7 495 642 4257.

If you really a lot of stuff I can pick it up either really late at night or absurdely early in the morning. Participating in Moscow traffic in its full bloom is beyond me.

Speaking of clothes, Paulina Fedorovna, the retired director of the Staritsa orphanage, is still active in looking after single mothers. Children's clothing is welcomed. It is a small town community so the standards of what's acceptable are way lower than in Moscow. I still travel there occasionally and can take a few boxes at a time. Stuff can be left either near Metro Novokuznetskaya or Alexeyevskaya, or I can pick it up.