View Full Version : I Mean - How Cold Can It Get

09-09-2007, 15:44
OK, I know. It can get very cold. Visited Moscow in Feb 2007 as little birthday treat and I was fascinated by the place. I was also as cold as I have been for a long time and I spent far to much money on pressies for the GF.

Anyway, sorry to rabbit on, I'm considering a move to Moscow in a "rotational" position. ie I work 6 weeks in Moscow and then go home to Cairo for 2 weeks. Amazingly, there's a daily direct flight between the the 2 places. So this might end up as one of the most convenient work places I've had for a long time.

I'll spend some time surfing the forums to see if I can get a flavour of the place, but it would be great if any of the seasoned professionals could send me "An Idiots Guide To Expat Life In Moscow!".

You never know, there might be a pint in it for you.


PS Can I get Guinness in Moscow?
PPS Sorry aboutthe SEX teaser, but it does tend to get more attention

DJ Biscuit
10-09-2007, 17:26
Guinness, Beamish, Murphy's, several ales as well.

There's lots to get used to here of course but if you have any specific questions fire away...