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17-10-2011, 03:16
RIVERSIDE DRIVE is a dark comedy by Woody Allen about a homeless genius who has been stalking a screenwriter for weeks,
convinced that the man has not only stolen his idea, but in fact his life, to create a successful movie plot.
The two have it out on Riverside Drive while the screenwriter is waiting to meet with his mistress
so that he can tell her that he has to go back to his wife.

Sex. Money. New York. Man and the Big City.
Funny, dark, introspective - classic Woody Allen.

- One-act play in English with Russian subtitles
- Intercultural theatre project
- American drama in its original form
- Combination of Russian theater school with American actors playing
- Non-trivial artistic decision
- Original soundtrack live performance by a cello duetAfter a long pause Riverside Drive is back again!

Just two days in a row of November holidays you have the opportunity to get to New York without leaving Moscow
4th and 5th of November 2011, beginning at 20:00, running 1 hour 20 minutes
in English with Russian subtitles, Express2New-York Afterparty Announced!
Cocktails, DJs, interesting guests, fashion, design, culinary fusion.
Don't miss the Express to New York!

Here is the short PDF presentation file in the attachment
that contains the whole information on this unique project,
including names, casting, dates of performances and the afterparty description. Posters are also attached.

Join RIVERSIDE DRIVE group on Facebook, tell your friends!
www riversidedrive com
For further information, please, call +7 (906) 76 076 10

bonus: FREE invitation as a gift for those who buy over 10 tickets at once!

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