View Full Version : Choir in Moscow

07-10-2011, 17:59
I'm looking for an expat or English speaking choir to join. The two I have found (Moscow Oratorio Society and the Moscow International Choir) have rehearsals on evenings when I'm not available.

If anyone knows of a choir which rehearse on either Fridays or the weekend please let me know!


07-10-2011, 18:20
Moscow International will begin rehearsing on Saturdays in a few weeks, most likely. They always start about a month to six weeks after rehearsals start in general. They will be in the same place as the evening practices, but at 11:30 on Saturday mornings.

If you email the information address, they'll inform you when and you'll get the music.

I think Moscow Oratorio also practices on Saturdays in the latter part of the season, but I haven't sung with them for a long time, so I don't know for sure.

Other that this, I'm sorry that I personally don't know of any other ones that rehearse on the weekend. That doesn't mean they don't exist.