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04-10-2011, 20:20
Hello, i am looking for somebody that can translate 32 norm pages from Russian to English

Text is for some kind of internet shop..

If you can do it, please tell me more about it.
Best is native Russian who is experienced in English.

Also interesting me a price per 1/Norm Page

There is sample :

Member Since

Mc Gross

Mc Fee

Mc Currency

Maximum purchase per user including gifts. Leave blank for no limit.

Maximum limit should be greater than or equal to minimum limit

Maximum buy limit should be less than or equal to deal maximum limit

Received Amount Полученная сумма
Received (%s) Полученные (%s)
Reason Причина
Read the deal FAQ Прочитайте FAQ по акциям
Read the Deal FAQ Прочитайте FAQ по акциям
Rate Ставка
RSS Feed RSS подача
Quick! Email a friend! Быстро! E-mail друга!
Quantity: Количество
Quantity is more than the maximum quantity. Количество больше, чем положено максимально

04-10-2011, 23:04
Actually i need it from ENGLISH to RUSSIAN

sorry for mistakes...