View Full Version : AFL finals......

22-09-2011, 17:09
Any Aussie rules fans know about how to watch the upcoming games, tomorrow and Sat?

I thought it was on Eurosport 2, but nothing scheduled for tomorrow?

Can I live stream on internet?


28-09-2011, 10:23
anyone know where it is being broadcast?

It was on up at Katie O'Sheas last year but I have not heard if it is this year.

30-09-2011, 15:49
Guys, I asked the Grand Final to be shown at Shooters tomorrow morning from 8:30 am.

That's where me and most of the Aussies are going to watch it. It'll be on the big screen and broadcast visa EuroSport2.

If you wanna come, PM me and we'll meet up.