View Full Version : Runaway's Expat/Russian business mixer this wednesday

04-09-2007, 13:24
Wednesday Night Drinks
This week at Hemingway's!!!! Runaway's Expat/Russian business mixer

Let me thank all of you that showed up last week at the Shamrock.

This week we will be at Hemingway’s and try to enjoy one of the few remaining evenings left this year where we can relax outdoors. The staff is more then friendly and the drinks are well mixed so it will be nice to see a lot of you turn out.

As I always say!! What's the worse thing can happen? You could have a little fun?

This week's Specials are from 6pm -9pm

Half price Cuba Libra, half Price Mojito and half price Bloody Maria. The most expensive works out at 100 Rubles. Plus some free snacks, half price Baltika all night - 50 Rubles, and four bottles of Tuborg Green for 200 rubles.

Please pass this information on to your friends!!!



05-09-2007, 15:10
looking foward to seeing everyone tonight, it looks like the weather is on our side :applause: