View Full Version : External passport different for dual citizens?

04-09-2007, 08:12
I have an expired Russian passport type "P". I am now a Canadian citizen. I have not surrendered my Russian citizenship and see no reason to. This being said the Embassy here provides directions for getting a new Russian passport and seem to suggest one has to "remove from registration calculation on the place of residence in Russia" (for $450) at which point they can then provide an external passport (for $190). I do not wish to be removed from registration in Russia and would like to know if I am misinterpreting the Embassy's website or if there are two methods of getting an external Russian passport while a permanent citizen of another country with no plans to return to Russia other than for short visits.

13-09-2007, 15:41
I would advise you not to give up your registration. You can get a passport at the Russian Embassy and then when you are next in Russia, go to your militia and have your registration stamped in it. I've done this several times and it is not a problem. My passport states it was issued in London but they still put my Moscow registration in it.

If you give up your registration, you have to go through a lot of bureaucracy to get it back (and best own property).