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11-09-2011, 22:26

I've been a member here a while but never really posted, so Hi all.

Wasn't sure where to put this, so thought this forum would be best. Anyhow, I lived in Russia for a year 10 years ago, I was a volunteer working in Moscow for a social adaptation centre for orphans, and absolutely loved the place, I lived mainly in Moscow, but also moved out to Fryazino for a few months, met many friends, who unfortunately I have never kept in touch with. Anyhow, recently, I've got this desire to return, not just for a holiday, but for longer.

Here's my dilemma, how would I do it. I know there's always the teaching English route, but not sure if I'd be able to handle it or make it work. I don't really have any professional qualifications which would make it difficult if not impossible to work, and my Russian is pretty much no existent after 10 years of not using it. I mean, I could order a beer, and a travel card for the metro, but that would be about it lol.

What could be ways I could engineer a move to Russia for a period of time, how have people here done it without having a business to back you up, is it even possible. Anyone have any idea's?

I'm not looking for an all in one solution from anyone (although it would be great), but just a bit of a brainstorm really as I'm stuck as to how I could do it, and from what I knew Moscow as, I'm guessing in 10 years, it's a different place so to speak.

Thanks in advance for any replies,


11-09-2011, 23:00
It'll be quite difficult to find teaching job in Moscow without qualifications and you'll have to get new visa every 90 days in order to stay year-round in Russia. Longer term visas are only good for 90 out of 180 days and they do enforce it here. A lot has changed since you last left. 10 years ago was cheap and plenty of parties but presently that's all different. Many expats had already left Russia when 90/180 days rule went in effect almost 3 years ago.

It's best that you contact the teaching schools to see if they're hiring and help you get a work permit before moving to Russia.

14-09-2011, 09:29
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