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01-09-2007, 12:46
Hi everybody, my name's Artem I'm 28 y.o
I am looking for new friends for dinning, shopping, etc.

I work in Fashion Industry,
Graduated as fashion designer
lived in South Asia for almost 5 years
got two cats, love working out and CRAZY about yoga

Did 'A course in Miracles" once, would love to chat with other students
Into New Age, Positive Thinking, Creative Visualization

Favorite author - David Sedaris - quite recently bought at Amazon
The Ultimate David Sedaris Box Set, and my commuting had never been so pleasant, the wittiest and funniest guy on this planet

Singer - the one and only Madonna

Actress - Bette Midler got all her movies

Anyone sharing same interests - drop me a line
G'day everybody

03-09-2007, 15:18
Welcome Hennessy_80!!have a good time here.

03-09-2007, 15:21
Hi mate

Welcome to Moscow!:thumbsup: