View Full Version : Moving to Moscow with children

23-08-2011, 15:05
Thought I would pass on a few links of blogs that could be useful for those new to Moscow with kids.

Long time moscow expat family with 2 now pre-teen girls.

Mom of a baby who writes on Moscow and nearby travel.

Stay at home dad of a toddler who writes from a realistic perspective on Moscow (warts and all).

Would welcome any other suggestions.

28-08-2011, 22:15
In Reference to Moscow.com from the above post.

I come from Britain and married about 8 yrs ago in Moscow. We live in the western Rublevko area of Moscow. I have now a step-son who is fourteen years old, and he now speaks English fluently. I n fact he fully understands me in conversation fully. I also have up-to now a five year old son. He speaks to me in English, and to his Mother in Russian. It work fine. We are now both working together to ensure that our child will read and write in both Russian, It is easy , as I Have probably taught about 60 Russian over the past 8 years. And yes they are all reading and writing English within their first year. And of course they are also also dpeaking and comprehending the English language. That's my job.