View Full Version : Any real estate agents in Moscow you feel you ought to recommend?

23-08-2011, 08:54
I searched the forum's archives on this subject, but the results dated back to 2008. But I need a fresher perspective. (On the other hand, with flats with dirty histories, the aftermath is sometimes slow to come.) It's a matter of exchanging an apartment after a divorce.

Please, share your experiences.

23-08-2011, 12:01
Hi!I can recommend me and my agency "Moscovskie ogni".The agency is from 1993 on the market,Im for 8 year with the agency.We have very good reputation all the years as professional and responsible people.Please,pm,if you would like.

23-08-2011, 12:15
Hi Whitelight...tzaritsa the above poster is a very good estate agent, she's helped me and a few others(Kapione,Mud) on this site to find a place.. She speaks fluent English and makes sure that everything is done properly,I highly recommend her.
Good luck in finding the right place.

25-08-2011, 16:11
I already posted elsewhere but essentially it is the same subject. Basically, if you want a 'good' service and going to some of these agencies (with English websites, and agents speaking English) -- you would be treated like a king and will get an excellent service. For a fee. Which is normally 100% commission.

No surprise, you can also end up with some plain Russian agencies that would also want 100% for their services.

I would have no problem with that if that was an established rule of the market. But when I see that 'my' agency that will charge me 100%, advertises the same apartment at cian.ru with no commision, I don't really appreciate it (to put it mildly).

I asked them for an explanation and if I could go for it - they said in a nutshell 'you are our client, therefore you have to pay 100% commission'.

Sure, if I wasn't their client I pay nothing? Well - this is precisely their reasoning.

Than a colleague of mine joined me on my 'tour' to visit a couple of apartments. He was told - 'since he is not their client, they don't have to charge him 100%'. But for me, 100% surely stays!

In a nutshell, I went to cian.ru, searched the ads with zero commission (and among them many of apartments I already saw with 'reputable' agencies), and ended up getting a perfect place with no commission.

I just wonder whether they are that sloppy so don't see their 'customers' being pushed away, or they just don't care?