View Full Version : Any Serbian speakers here?

17-11-2003, 17:26
I want to learn basics of the lingo



17-11-2003, 17:38
I have an English-Croatian Croatian-English Oxford Pocket dictionary. I was going to learn Serbian too some time ago, but never did, except for some phrases.
As far as I heard from Serbs and Croatians - their languages are pretty much the same, even called Srpsko-Khrvatski.
If you are interested to have this dictionary, we can discuss the ways.. cheers

17-11-2003, 17:40
MM, i thought u were more into Croatia? Actually, if u spoke Russian it used to be "cool" for Serbians, but after Russia hasn't delivered S-300 to Serbians in 1999 - I am not sure

18-11-2003, 10:53
Sunstorm, that would be great

Jet Li, I like Coatia, I think they all sort of understand and speak Serbian... I may be wrong

Actually I have a large project in Montenegro which is over 5 years, so I guess I wanna be able to at least meet greet etc....

18-11-2003, 14:58
Zhivuli it is a tost and means good health, usually you need to look people in the eye and say it :)

HELP...anyone speake de lingo???

19-11-2003, 11:39
OK, lets try it this way...

I now work with a Yugoslavian company, I wanna learn the language..... can anyone HELP MEEEEEEE :)

19-11-2003, 11:43
:eek: (on the floor -- fell out of chair, hit head on wall, thinking 'I started seeing things')

19-11-2003, 11:47
Wow, so ermmm, is that Serbian :confused: :confused: :)

19-11-2003, 11:50
Originally posted by moscowmail
Wow, so ermmm, is that Serbian :confused: :confused: :)

sorry won't spam thread any more :)

just wanted to say it was the reaction to seeing that horny one as your avatar. everyone's got a split personality here. :confused: :D

19-11-2003, 11:51
Ermmm, thanks TTL, that will ermm really help me....get the sack :)

03-12-2003, 21:56

Ermm, that is all I know, can anyone help :)

03-12-2003, 22:20
Hiya MM !

I`ve got some Croatian mates. Nice people. Also got some old Serbian newspapers lying about here from when a mate went there- Serbian`s more like Russian than Croatian, uses a variant of Cyrillic. Apparently Serbs and Russians can understand each other..... Croatian uses a Western alphabet and is quite a bit different than Serbian. Don`t ask me details, Len, that`s all I know, mate. ;-)))))

04-12-2003, 08:15
ja govorim malo serbsha- hervatski- cant spell it though. I learned it in cyrillic and cant type in cyrillic unfortunately.

Anton S.
20-12-2003, 19:56
Serbian and Croatian used to be one and the same language until the recent war in Jugoslavia. After that, Croats started creating their own language - making up new words instead of old ones. Usually they replaced foreign words with Slavic neologisms. In Serbian all the borrowings from Western languages remain. So, it would be easier for a foreigner to learn Serbian than Croatian. Of course, Serbs prefer Cyrillic characters, but the spelling is very easy, purely phonetical.

As regards Russians being able to understand Serbian, well, that's a problem. When I tried to speak with Serbs I could understand very little. When I tried to read Serbian newspapers, I could get the drift of an article quite often, but a lot remained unclear. There are too many differences.

22-12-2003, 16:45
If you need help,write to me,and we will see what we can do !