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16-08-2011, 12:42
Emotions overwhelmed me!
So, permit me to recommend you my dance teacher - Pavlenkov Dmitriy. Each meeting with him is not the simple dance lessons; you can feel your inner world while you are dissolving in the dance. My daughter (8 y.o.) also is happy attending children's dance group “DOMINIC-BALLET” – Dmitriy`s own studio. Besides, Dmitriy speaks English, since he lived and taught dancing in the U.S. So, foreigners attending his classes in Moscow feel themselves quite comfortable.

Information for adults - group and private lessons:
1. Classic dance
2. Flamenco – fantastic!
3. Tango
4. Latino

Information for children (age: 4-6; 7-14) - group and private lessons:
1. Classic dance
2. Flamenco
3. Acrobatics
4. Hip-Hop
5. Modern

More information about Dmitriy himself, the location of his lessons, the cost of lessons, photos and video I can send you later. I still have no right on this website to publish contacts and links. So, you can send a private message me or Dmitriy directly (on this website his name is – dominic2) or give me your links, and I’ll contact with you.

15-09-2011, 11:42
Latino dances make girls to look sexy, that's why I support this)

20-09-2011, 19:37
this looks cool!