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16-11-2003, 16:15
Iím looking to exchange MP3s with other people; it could be for MP3ís or other media types. I have over 3500 with about 1350 different artists in mixed categories. Rock, Blues, Jazz, Southern Rock, Reggae, Alternative Rock, Big Band, Bluegr**** Comedy, Electronica, Latin, Folk Rock, Pop, Rap/R&B, Vocal, World, Oldies, Classic Rock, Country, Christmas, Russian folk, etc. All are fully Tagged with album info & album cover photos its around 13.5Gbs of music. Send a note if interested & weíll go from there.

16-11-2003, 20:53
I want to make something clear. I'm not selling these or am I going to make special mixed copies. I will exchange bulk say CD to CD. Now I'm not asking for the exact amount of data back that I will give but please don't ask for me to burn a special mixed Cds other then maybe categorically.

17-11-2003, 07:11
Who cares?

17-11-2003, 07:37
Originally posted by P.I.M.P.
Who cares?

Obviously you donít but then again I donít either. The only reason Iím doing this is I thought some on the list might find it of interest. It took allot of time & effort to organize the MP3ís just thought it would be of interest to some & at the same time I may get something I like. I donít know where youíre from myself Iím from the States. In the States now there is a major effort going into tracking downloading & prosecution of those doing it. Most of my family & friends have stopped doing it illegally that is for the reason they could just be the unlucky one getting nailed. Anyway I was just trying to offer something out there to Expat list members that actually doesnít cost anything, which is something Iíve never seen in all the years Iíve looking at the list.

17-11-2003, 13:30
Did my MP3'S at work in a frenzy around a Year ago, i think we all go through interests on the net at some time or another.

One week it might be Music the next building a website, another week mastering adobe photoshop etc etc.

Now though i find when i search WinMX i have nothing left to look for apart from maybe an extended version of something i already have, i prefer the 80's mostly, having around 1600 files on my computer.

IF you have - Robertino Loreti - Ave Maria (good quality) then i am sure i have something you might want.

18-11-2003, 15:32
I'd be interested, though I'm not very computer-savvy and may have difficulties getting my music files off my computer. I've got maybe a thousand tracks, mainly chilled out dance tunes such as groove amada. I'm currently in London but will be moving to Moscow on January 5th. If I can work out how to transfer the files, I can do it (A friend of mine put them on there in the first place).

08-01-2005, 00:13
mail, I'd be interested in trading tracks with you. I have a lot of bluegrass and folkmusic, some celtic, some southern rock and some classical. I can send you a list of albums, if I had your email address.

09-01-2005, 17:34
Me too, I'd be very interested in Blues, Jazz and Rap/R&B. To be honest I am not sure I can offer the equivalent amount of Mp3s from my part, but I hope this won't be a problem. Its just kinda hard to get American Blues, Jazz and R&B here, excluding stuff they play on radio...