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Anton S.
16-11-2003, 15:34
A guitar for a child
Our organisation - Pomoshch Detyam - is helping poor families and orphans. One of our clients is a single mother who is raising 7 children of her own and 2 nephews. She is a good and caring mother but poor. She is trying to give her children as good an education as possible under the circumstances. She has found a music teacher for free for one of her sons (12 year-old), but she cannot afford to buy a guitar.

Can anyone donate an acoustic guitar for this family?

We also gave them a computer (donated by a Western company) but we cannot buy a monitor. If anyone could donate a monitor, we'd be very thankful.

And, as always, we would be very grateful for donations of food, child clothes, footwear, school things, etc.

Contact us at antonsm@online.ru
Anton Smolyakov