View Full Version : Hero's and damsel boozer meeting

14-11-2003, 16:09
OK, after the thread re Silvers being trashed a couple of hero's have emerged..

So, any excuse for a boozer meeting, how about Sunday evening...

either London Pub or Silvers, we should support Steve at Silvers, one of the few good guys in town..

Thoughts on a post card pease :) if you aint got a post card, post it here :)

DJ Biscuit
14-11-2003, 19:42
Len, I think your idea of supporting Silver's after such a horrible event is admirable. For the first time I am actually thinking of attending a Boozers Night!

That's if I survive the football!

Keep it real and total respect to those dudes that protected the girls, you guys are way cool.

14-11-2003, 19:54
Thanks DJ
Watch this space for confirmation