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29-08-2007, 05:32
i'm moving to moscow on friday. i'm just waiting for my business visa. It's only for 90 days and my friend moved this week and had a situation at the airport.

The end date on my visa is the 19th of october. The company i work for say that they will move us out of the country on the 19th to get us a new visa in finland. If my return flight to dublin is for the 20th of december will the airline stop me travelling?

My friend says he was told by klm he had to book another flight for coming back on the 19th oct even though we wont need it.

Is there anyways round this? do all airlines do this?

05-09-2007, 15:28
I'd bet that most ticket agents in the west can't read a Russian visa.

05-09-2007, 15:49
I'd bet that most ticket agents in the west can't read a Russian visa.

When you check in, the airline is required to check that you have a valid visa.

If a check-in clerk lets you on a flight without a valid visa, they will be held responsible.

A colleague was allowed to get on a flight to Moscow by an American airline check-in clerk, who did not check his visa. He was not allowed past passport control in Moscow because his visa was not valid. He was put on the next flight back to the US. The airline was held liable and the check-in clerk was suspended for something like three months.

carso82, if the company you work for is going to ship you out to Finland on the 19th anyway, why get a ticket with a return date of the 20th? Or are you planning to go to Finland, get a new visa, and then jump on a return flight to Dublin?