View Full Version : death of bardak?

Ned Kelly
14-11-2003, 14:17
what's with the migration to expat cafe? are we all rather civilised individuals at heart? has bardak become too cliquey? is it a pain to send an e-mail to moscowmail?

these are profound questions i'd like to see resolved this cold, grey friday afternoon.

14-11-2003, 14:21
Thanks Ned, I couldn't have put it better myself, actually I have registered around 150 users for bardak as well as the usualy suspects granted automatic inclusion, and Braders and TD granting a few peeps access.


Ned Kelly
14-11-2003, 14:24
so rumours of bardak's death are greatly exaggerated?

14-11-2003, 15:51
Bardak is older than Stonehenge and shall never fall.

There is a lot more activity in here lately though, we must be civilized after all ;)

14-11-2003, 15:53
And it is surprisingly civilized...hmmm, maybe we should lift the restrictions ;)

Ned Kelly
14-11-2003, 16:31
I don't know what the behind the scenes banter was but I think closing off Bardak was a mistake. If it was worries about what kids would read, well, that's a parents job, a kid can access things on the net far worse than what they'd see in Bardak.

Myself, I don't mind the move to cafe. But there's a traditionalist streak in me that doesn;t like to see great institutions die and it would be a shame for bardak to go that way.

14-11-2003, 16:50
Ned, it was mainly because idiots were posting pictures of burnt babies, and other sick stuff, then complaing coz they say Bardak is free for all.

Also a number of new visitors were able to see it and then didn't bother returning, now it is a service for all, everyone that wants access can get it with a simple statement, then complaints are less....

It seems to be working, but we are flexible and can change if the majority demand it


14-11-2003, 16:54
I agree Ned with all of the above.

It's not so much the text, as the images posted and after all this forum is supposed to be a community for expats to get information and Bardak was created so some of us could let of steam and have a laugh usually involving pointless discussions and slagging matches/personal attacks.

I believe if the restrictions were lifted that the saddos amongst us would start posting stupid images again because they have nothing better to do and probably enjoy the fact that we have to spend time removing/editing them, at the moment it's restricted and they don't get so much of a kick out of it simply because since the restriction it's ALLOWED :)

Ned Kelly
14-11-2003, 16:58
the image posting novelty wore off for me pretty quickly, actually it drives me up the wall these days. it's a shame it came at all.

but anyway: LONG LIVE BARDAK!:p

14-11-2003, 19:07
Excellent move Len.

Seperating Bardak has put the bulk of the conversation in the other folders where it should be. I must admit that I didn't care for your restrictions on that folder but in retrospect I think because of it being used as the main folder prompted you to do it.

Anyway, now with it now being the secondary choice for most people and not in everyone's face who comes to this board maybe it can go back to an anything goes.

14-11-2003, 19:57
Cheers JD,

Anything does go, except of course the burnt baby thing