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28-08-2007, 13:15

This weekend (1-2 september) RTCC (http://www.motorsport.ru/) season will reach its second half: the fifth round will be held at the Myachkovo racetrack near Moscow.

Cars participating: Touring (S2000), SuperProduction, Touring-Lite (gr. N+, 1600cc), National (Lada 112 cup), Formula-1600 (1600cc F-3) and Formula Rus (spec formula).

As usual this year, qualifying and few races will go off in saturday, and the remaining races in sunday.

How to reach Myachkovo:
Drive ~20km from MKAD on Novoryazanskoe shosse (Новорязанское шоссе), then turn right in Ostrovtsy (Островцы) village.

31-08-2007, 23:11
Race shedule:

1 september, saturday

12:30-15:20 - qualifying
15:40 - Touring & SuperProduction, race 1
16:35 - Formula-1600 & Formula-Rus, race1
17:25 - Touring-Lite super pole

2 september, sunday

12:30 - Touring & SuperProduction, race 2
14:00 - Formula-1600 & Formula-Rus, race2
15:25 - Touring-Lite race
16:50 - 'National' cup race

03-09-2007, 15:36
Hi mate!

How did the race go at the weekend?. I used to go to a few BTCC touring car races in the UK.

Is there anymore races coming up in the near future?:verycool:

Would be interesting to see the RTCC version!!:thumbsup:

04-09-2007, 08:40
I absolutely love BTCC, consider it the best touring series in the world, better than even WTCC!

Will describe the RTCC race weeekend later (too busy at the moment)

11-09-2007, 00:33
OK, looking forward to hearing about it !:thumbsup: