View Full Version : Vassili Strelnikov's new (?) TV show

25-08-2007, 15:17
saw it for the first time the last two saturdays ( fairly early morning) on Ren Tv.part of it it adapted from the UK show 'brainteasers(?)' they go over the english intro so fast did not catch the name yet...
one item for instance:
who has the bigger lung (air..) volume.contestants have to blow up a ballon in one go. an operasinger, a diver and a lady with a big 'lungs' (boobs...)
or can you drink 100 ml soft drink through a 1 m long straw without breathing in a second time.
some things are rather serious, but all in all the show is a big laugh. good for vassili!and i will definitely try to catch it every saturday...