View Full Version : Need an advice of how to spend time

24-08-2007, 22:35
Originally from Moscow, I am out of it for more than 5 years by now. No big friends left, don't know which clubs are popular and safe.

Need to kill 2 weeks in Moscow starting September. Any suggestions on a nightlife? Looking for a croud of 25-35 y.o. approx.

27-08-2007, 02:26
Depends on what kind of music u like. Check in afisha.ru or inout.ru... And don't kill the time :lovepot:

28-08-2007, 18:57

seems like nothing changed.
anyway I need to study more that being out. I will stay home, quietly :)

28-08-2007, 21:55
Have you been to Hemingway's? You should try :) Tomorrow, on Wednesday there is a gathering - sort of farewell party for an expat leaving for home. And as far as I'm concerned, every Friday there are also some expat gatherings of different age and occupation. The majority are the users of this site and the redtape. So if you're frequent visitor here you may like it there.

29-08-2007, 18:16
Thanks! links are great also.

I will check out Hemingway too! Never been there.
Not this Wed as I am still in Atlanta, but next week for sure.

30-08-2007, 12:18
yeah you can check out from the link Почему - Ресторан Хемингуэй (http://www.hemingways.ru)