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24-08-2007, 21:20
Like with a lot of other information on this site, we need to sum it up and structure it. Requests for giving away goods and volunteering keep coming back, and mostly they are scattered around. This forum is supposed to be the central Q&A for anything to do with charities. The purpose is to make this information accessible, also for newbies.

Now, the main and subforum are supposed to be like this

Charitable initiatives in Russia
Any charity that has ongoing or repeated activities deserves a place here. So, if you are a charity, or you know a good one, please put them here. Even if you need help for your charity once, you still might consider posting it here, so you don't need to introduce yourself again in case you need help again.

To the Rescue!
Now, I 'borrowed' this one from a Russian forum. This folder is for urgent help. If you're on the 'Charitable initiatives' list, this is the place to post your urgent requests for help. Also, any 'hear-say' or urgent questions ('I need to get rid off my closet full of designer clothes, where can I do it?') are welcome here.

General charity discussion
Now, maybe this one is a bit too much, as the Charities main forum is of course also for discussion. However, I thought: charities are not the only ones who can do good things. So, shall we reserve this folder for ideas we might develop as a community?

The main folder. Anything that is not falling into any of the above categories. Anything goes. If we think a post belongs in one of the subforums, we'll just kindly move them.

Some rules of the game:
- Contact info (email, address, phone) IS allowed
- All other general forum rules apply, especially the one about spamming.

Right, so here it is. All feedback and ideas are welcome! :watching:

23-03-2009, 18:01
Trying to find a US-registered charity in Moscow to donate an HP color office printer/fax/scanner to ASAP. Purchased in april 08 for $10,000. Thanks.