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30-06-2011, 10:21

Can anyone give me some info on the British Educational Center/ English Club in Zheleznodorozhny, near Moscow?

I have been offered a position to teach English there. Everyone I have spoken to, the senior teacher that interviewed me as well as a person in the recruitment office have been very, very nice and professional, but I have not been able to find any reviews online. Since it is huge decision, I wanted to see if I can get some input on the school and this town. How accessible is it to Moscow and how is it to live there? How is the school?

Thank you!

30-06-2011, 10:42
I know nothing about BEC but can drop some points about the town (never lived there but collected some info).
Typical Moscow's satellite with all pros and contras (pros - less people, a bit more fresh air, contras - less income, more social issues, including transportation). 11 km from MKAD (Moscow outer circle road). The name means railways. The city is growng fast. There is a big green area (Kuchincky lesopark) just across the railway. You can get into Moscow by train (elektrichka) from Zheleznodorozhnaya station to Kursky vokzal (circle/blue/salade green lines) in 31-35 min, for 50 rub (single one way trip, cheaper with monthly/seasonal tickets) - around 50 trains/day:

Closest metro station should be Novogireevo (yellow line East) and Vykhino (purple line ESE), and I'm pretty sure they have buses (100 and 142) and marshrutki (microbuses) going frequently to Zheleznodorozhny (25 min to 1h depending on the traffic and daytime).

Several rail stops to Moscow direction you'll reach very nice Kuskovo park:

22-08-2011, 21:24
Hey there, I tried to send you a PM but i guess i'm too "new" to have that privilege. I got offered a job there today after 2 skype calls this morning. I'm still not sure though...I feel like it might be really isolated and depressing (after living in Budapest for 3 years which is also kind of depressing believe it or not). Did you get any more information? Maybe we'd be roommates? Let me know! I basically know nothing about the area other than she laughed when I asked "will I have to take a train to find a store that sells milk?" Apparently, it's a totally equipped "city."

22-08-2011, 22:29
will I have to take a train to find a store that sells milk - maybe yes, especially if you'll live near train station and the shop with tasty and cheap local milk will be in one stop :D
Yes, most of Moscow "satellites" are equipped well enough... only bears in the winter time may appear more persuasive than in Moscow :)

22-08-2011, 22:49
I guess it's better to live in Zheleznodorozhny than in Moscow. It's more calm place. However people are different :). Zheleznodorozhny is really near Moscow. And you can visit and enjoy Moscow every weekends (train is the best way to get it... my opinion).

14-11-2011, 05:13
I worked at the BEC in Zheleznodorozhny for six months, it is the worst school I have ever seen. The director, Igor Anikanov, is literally a crook who operates on threats and intimidation. When I first worked there, they asked me to work in the office in Krasnodar for 1 month, which I did. After the month, they wouldn't let me return to Moscow despite their promise. I had to threaten to quit to be able to come back. Also, while I was there they moved all of my things from my old apartment to a new one, losing a considerable amount of stuff in the process, which they did not replace. Many times I was coerced into to doing extra classes, working overtime with the threat of having my visa annulled. DO NOT WORK FOR THESE PEOPLE. Also, Zheleznodorozhny is a really boring place and not terribly convenient for getting into Moscow. The other offices of the BEC in Dzerzhinsky and Krasnodar are just as bad.