View Full Version : Sochi - July 2nd

27-06-2011, 16:07
I will be in Sochi on the 2nd of July teaching English to summer camp kids. Its my first time in Sochi and I am currently in Rostov. If anyone wants to meet up and have a drink, message or pm me. I will be having a lot of free time if someone wants to hang out.

Ps: I would like to learn a little Russian. lol.

So Me
20-08-2011, 13:54
I'm Julia, a local, who's been living out of my home town for years.
Now I'm back and would be quite glad to meet up for a chat, and might be give you some ropes or just take you around the city.
If you enjoy relaxed hiking you are welcome to join me and my friends, the nature here is magnificent)

anyway, don't hesitate to contact me=)



see you soon!