View Full Version : One New Moderator and One Returning Moderator

26-06-2011, 19:36
Cross-posted from Expat Café:

Dear all,

First of all, I'd like to introduce BrandonL as a new moderator for the Community forum, of which Expat Café is the busiest place. BrandonL volunteered and I'm happy with that! Many thanks, BrandonL. Welcome!

Secondly, Judge is now finally ready to get back on the Mod's team. Very happy with that, too. As Judge is not new around here, he's immediately re-installed as a Super Moderator. Welcome back, Judge!

Both items, in my view, are very good news.

Zyablik is now the only active female moderator, and I think we need some more, to keep the balance. So ladies, if you feel like joining as a mod, please let me know!