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19-06-2011, 21:57
Hello, guys!
We are gay-couple, living in a nice apartments in a nice area at city west, 5 mins walking from Krylatskoye metro, blue line. Green area with bike-roads, jogging park, and lots of positive people))
We have a spare room for nice, friendly, fit guy at age of 30-40 (as we are)
You can take this room free of charge, if you work as a teacher of English, and you are native English speaker.
We need bunch of lessons (subject to discuss), as one of us has poor language level, other one is advanced
We are open to your suggestions, enjoy Moscow

19-06-2011, 22:38
Hi folks

Hello and welcome.

Expat.ru people are a rather shy, retiring bunch, so you may not get many public responses on the forum - although you may get some PMs.

19-06-2011, 23:37
Oh, thanx for advice
It's a shame - expat's people are shy(( Do they hesitate of each other? haha