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19-06-2011, 19:17
Hello everybody! I really want to learn Flemish language that's why recently I've been looking for native Flemish speaking tutor in Moscow. However I still haven't found one. Seems like it's impossible to find native Flemish in Moscow but I hope I can find native Dutch.
Please write if you can help me (or if you know somebody who can help me).
Thanks in advance!

19-06-2011, 21:42
Hi Anastasia

There are Belgian people who post on this forum, and Nederlands sprekende mensen, too. But I don't think they are actually language tutors.

20-06-2011, 00:40
Hi Mickey!
Thank you for your answer...and...seems like there is no Flemish language tutor in Moscow(( but still...

Desert Addict
20-06-2011, 21:07
I am Flemish... But no tutor:) anyway, always willing to test my teaching skills:)

20-06-2011, 22:00
Ok, if you really want to practice it...just send me a message to Anastasiya.Polyak@gmail.com

21-06-2011, 20:17
Hi Anastasia,
There is no such thing as `Flemish` language. The language spoken in Flanders is Dutch. The pronunciation is different, just like there is a difference between American English and British English.

21-06-2011, 23:17
Hi Anastasia,
There is no such thing as `Flemish` language. The language spoken in Flanders is Dutch.

Actually, Flemish is the original language, and Dutch is the dialect.

22-06-2011, 00:21
Thank you for your answer! But are you Flemish or Dutch? I'm not an expert, but as I was told by Flemish and Dutch native speakers though these languages for sure are really close to each other but difference between them is not only about pronunciation but also in grammar and vocabulary.

22-06-2011, 10:56
(I'm Flemish) I think the grammar is pretty much identical, as are the words but there are some words that only exist locally (even within some regions of Flanders) and which someone from Holland would not understand. Likewise some words are only really used in Holland but not in Flanders.
There are still big differences in how the language is spoken, someone from Antwerp will sound very different from Limburg or West-Vlaanderen complicating things further. But we all got the same textbook in school, the dialects are usually what you speak at home and when in polite company we switch to the school version best we can.
Complicated really!

22-06-2011, 12:19
Wow! Really complicated...even more than I've thought!

22-06-2011, 13:06
I am a native Dutch speaker. I did tutor a student to prepare for the Dutch initial language test for migrants - Basisexamen inburgering in het buitenland http://www.minbuza.nl/nl/Producten_en_Diensten/Burgerzaken/Basisexamen_inburgering_in_het_buitenland Part one Dutch Culture, P2 Language, P3 Reading Comprehension. She passed and is in Holland with her husband now where she will be taking further lessons. Feel free to PM me any time.

22-06-2011, 13:23
Elan Languages have a native Flemish speaker, if you are still looking.

Their contacts are:

Address: Nizhnaya ul., 14, Alliance Business Center
Metro: Belorusskaya
Tel: 627-5734
E-mail: info@elanlanguages.ru
Web: www.elanlanguages.ru

22-06-2011, 23:58
Thanks for everybody! For now I've found native Flemish willing to try to teach me) It was really helpfull.

24-09-2012, 00:14
Hi Anastasia,

My name is Wilco Bakker, 27 yr old. It's a while ago since you've posted your message, but if you wish I could teach you how to speak the Dutch language. I have a Bachelor in Education, so tutor qualifications also. A few months ago I emigrated to Moscow from Holland.

Looking forward to your message, Wilco