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18-06-2011, 16:53

My situation is that I'm on the (old) one year work visa which is expiring during August 2011. My salary is sufficient to get the HQS visa. I'm Irish working on Sakhalin. From what I understand the procedure is as follows (please correct me if I'm wrong)

Submit the package of documents to Moscow FMS (contract, insurance etc)
Wait 14 working day for processing
They will then send the LOI to Ireland and the work permit to Sakhalin???
I return to Ireland, get the LOI and go to the embassy to get the entry visa
Upon arrival in Sakhalin I pick up the permit
register with the tax authorities within 10 working days after receipt of WP
register with other authorities within 30 days

I'll be returning to Ireland for the last two weeks of July so it would be handy to pick the documents up then.

Please advise

18-06-2011, 20:08
I don't know a lot about it, but the following links may be useful.



The LOI is issued in whichever FMS office the company applies for it. They will collect it from FMS and can then give it to you while you're in Russia, or they can courier it somewhere else.

FMS can also send a telex to the Consulate so that you don't need the original LOI. In that case, will also give your company a copy of the telex as a reference.