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21-08-2007, 14:44
This is an adorable, relaxed Uzbek restaurant at Metro Taganskaya. In order to make an informed decision as to whether or not it was suitable to take out of town guests there, my research in terms of restaurant reviews and search for images of the restaurant, yielded unsatisfactory results. Usually, I vet the selection of a venue by reading the various reviews published by the usual suspects: Element, Passport Magazine, Moscow Times and Where magazine. Having been misguided a few times from taking the reviews too seriously (read: questioning the objectivity of reviews is not a bad idea), I decided to blog my user experiences as a customer/client of various services in Moscow.

We found Uchkuduk to be an unpretentious, cheerful place. We ordered the basics of Uzbek cuisine such as lagman, lamb plov, mantis, samsa and kebab. The quality of the food was good, although the plov did not meet my expectations. It was a bit too oily and stale. This is accompanied by unlimited complimentary fresh bread, straight from the oven. Here are some pictures to encourage you to check out the place since the price is right.