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03-06-2011, 03:38
Hello everyone!
I am a university student from Australia heading over to Moscow to study at Moscow State University for the month of July.
I am a keen indoor rockclimber, and love everything outdoorsy and a bit challenging- mountain biking, just biking in general, hiking, surfing (though I suppose that really isn't viable in Moscow) and will not be able to go the summer without my fix of these things!
I was wondering if anyone had tried any of the climbing gyms in Moscow, and knew of any that would be open over summer, or any other outdoorsy groups or something I could join for the duration of my stay?
Also, if anyone would like a climbing partner for July I am certainly available!!
Any information at all would be helpful!
Hoping to hear from some fellow outdoorsy enthusiasts,
Lucy :wavey:

03-06-2011, 09:41
There is an indoor climbing place in Extrim center (it is not far from Rechnoi vokzal), as well i have heard about the same place near Krylatckoe.

05-06-2011, 14:19
The best one is at DDS ( www . ddc-msk . ru / ru / prices / information.php )

They have indoor and outdoor climbing gyms.
At the intersection of Rabochaya st. and Novorogozhskaya st., near Rimskaya station.

13-06-2011, 17:58
Hi there,
I don't know what available in Moscow, but could be up for a spot of climbing in July, probably indoors... I know someone who suggest somewhere...

15-06-2011, 13:04
Hi, get in touch when you get here. I have just arrived to Moscow and looking for lead climbing partners, including perhaps someone to join me for trips to St Petersburg for some outdoor cragging (I have my rack with me...)

Anyone else looking for climbing partners feel free to get in touch!


22-06-2011, 14:20
Hi guys, thanks for all the info!
Sarina, I will be arriving in Moscow on Saturday, so maybe sometime later next week? I actually have never lead climbed, so I can't play with you there (I really want to learn though) but I am very keen for some indoor climbing or outdoor, but I'm not sure how much time I will have for big trips. I should also clarify, I'm not amazing, I am climbing around a 16 or 17 in Australian grades.
Can't wait to get into it!

05-07-2011, 22:53
Hey guys,

avivadventurer I see you're only staying one month, but @ Sari, how long are you here for? I'm looking for climbing partners but I need to earn some money first, so i don't expect to start climbing until next month.

I have little indoor experience, mostly outdoors, climbing in the Peak District in the UK and ice-climbing in Scotland, having said that my most recent climb was 2-3 years ago so I need a good climber to refresh my memory.