View Full Version : Where to play volleyball

20-08-2007, 17:03
just arrived in Moscow! Can you please help?

1) My 11 y.o. daughter wants to continue to play volley. Do you know of any sport facility where to play volley 2-3 times a week?

2) Does anybody can tell me the goods and the bads of the International British School N. 3 (BIS3)?

3) I've been told the the British children majorly attend the American School. Is it true? Do you know why they prefer the American to the British one?

Thanks a lot for your reply.

20-08-2007, 17:22
There is Anglo-American School, which is chartered by the American, British and Canadian Embassies in Moscow and provides education in English for approximately 1,200 students.
My boss's daughter is educated there likewise children of many other affluent people.
Anglo American School of Moscow (http://www.aas.ru)