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20-05-2011, 01:11
This cat was badly beaten by people and then they tried to burn him. His jaws were broken and he was badly damaged. Then some amateur decided to put some stitches to put his jaws together and let him go back into the street. Because his palate was broken as well, the food he tries to eat goes straight into his head.
In this condition he was found and taken to the clinic. The person who found his gave him the name Kuzya.
The cat is staying in the clinic Kot Begemot.

You can help him by
1.Bringing the money directly to the clinic located at Suvorovskaya street, 19 building 1 for cat Kuzya.
2. Yandex Money 41001292948548
3. An account in Sberbank, the account number will be given to you in his topic at pesikot by the people in charge of the cat
4. You can buy and deliver some soft food like Royal Canine convalence, this is the kind of food he can eat now.

All contributions are registered and covered by reports.

The details of Kuzya’s story and more photos are in his topic at Pesikot.

Thank you in advance for your help.

http://i074.radikal.ru/1105/e0/cbf824fd7482.jpg (http://www.radikal.ru)

http://s010.radikal.ru/i311/1105/5f/812d2be0f18d.jpg (http://www.radikal.ru)

http://i075.radikal.ru/1105/0d/6c7212aa92f9.jpg (http://www.radikal.ru)

http://s16.radikal.ru/i191/1105/2a/7d3f9df3228d.jpg (http://www.radikal.ru)

21-05-2011, 00:00
Thank you very much, those who have made contributions to help Kuzya , and those who simply feel sorry for him.
Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, please hold your fingers crossed for Kuzya.

24-05-2011, 02:17
The surgery went ok.
The cat can eat now, and as the food does not get into his nose as he eats, he can also breathe. The condition is stable.
Financial help is still needed. The cat will be staying in the clinic for a while before he moves to a paid temporary home.
The details of Kuzya's surgery and current condition can be checked here:
The financial report is here:

24-05-2011, 22:46
Kuzya is felling better, he has a good appetite, infusions are not necessary any more and the medications he is getting have been reviewed with account taken of his imporved condition. The virus test results are all negative which is good news.

26-05-2011, 01:14
Kuzya is feeling better, he likes to pur, but he is afraid of people, as the doctor has commented, because he has suffered from people.
In some days he can leave the clinic, which means he will move to a temporary paid home until recovery and adoption... Help is still needed and will be very much appreciated.
More details on Kuzya's current condition are here:

26-05-2011, 23:08
[quote name='attentionee' date='27.5.2011, 1:46' post='6331388']
http://vfl.ru/i/20110526/8b400a23590acbddd3421bb9ceaefc69_1_s.jpg (http://vfl.ru/i/20110526/8b400a23590acbddd3421bb9ceaefc69_1.jpg.html)

Kuzenka is eating.
He is a big cat, but still skinny. He has no problem with walking, his right eye is slightly larger than the left one, and his breath is a bit noisy.
More information can be found here: http://pesikot.org/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=177145&view=findpost&p=6331388

26-05-2011, 23:24
Thx for the photo. He looks nice. Thank God, medical treatment helped.

31-05-2011, 00:22
Kuzya has moved to the temporary paid foster home.
He was quiet and relaxed on the way from the clinic, and had a good meal of canned food immediately upon arrival. His face looks round, but he is very skinny. He is ready to be patted and to purr non-stop.
Many thanks from Kuzya and his rescue team for the financial and moral support to the participants of this forum.
More news about Kuzya’s current situation can be found here:

http://i082.radikal.ru/1105/0c/74807246f6d0.jpg (http://www.radikal.ru)
http://s54.radikal.ru/i143/1105/6a/2c6dd3f2a304.jpg (http://www.radikal.ru)
http://s15.radikal.ru/i188/1105/25/107ae27f41c5.jpg (http://www.radikal.ru)

09-06-2011, 02:11
Kuzya is feeling better and is getting stronger, so he is starting to show some resistance to medical manipulations...
His current status is here

17-06-2011, 01:06
Kuzya is doing reasonably well, but he is still fighting his nose infection.
His currest condition is described here

22-06-2011, 02:10
In the meantime Kuzya has been vaccinated and has been inspected by an ophthalmologist. As a result of the trauma he suffered, he has seeing problems. Probably his eyesight will be preserved. No special measures are required at the moment, other than hygienic. Financial help is still required and very much appreciated.
More details are given here and in later posts.

30-06-2011, 02:09
Kuzya’s condition went worse and he needed repeated surgery as the hole in his mouth reappeared. One of his eyes has been diagnosed to be blind.
More information and photos can be found here.

05-07-2011, 00:10
Kuzya's latest update is that he eats, but he still has liquid running from his nose, and he is not gaining weight.
http://s16.radikal.ru/i191/1106/13/f061afcabcf4.jpg (http://www.radikal.ru)

14-07-2011, 01:34
Kuzya has gained some weight, however the hole in his mouth has reappeared for the 3rd time... each time it appears next to the stitched area, so the reason is not clear.
It would be too dangerous to give his anaesthesia for the third time... The team is thinking how to proceed.

12-08-2011, 03:05
Kuzya has been x-rayed as there seems to be a piece of thread remaining in his palate, from the time when someone stitched him in the street.
The remaining piece of threat may be the reason for the irritation and reappearance of the hole.
Rhynoscopy has been proposed for Kuzya as a solution which would be not so hard on him as a new surgery.
It can be done in the clinic Biocontrol and the cost is about 7000 rubles (this number will be verified by Kuzya's team)
More details can be found here:

14-09-2011, 23:44
Fundraising for Kuzya is ongoing.
His current condition is stable but not normal so he will need rhynoscopy which will cost about 10 000 rubles.

His condition is satisfactory because he sneazes and clusters of white matter flow out of his right nostril. One eye still looks depressed and it is covered by a film. Kuzya has a good appetite and plays with other cats but his condition is not normal-he is not healthy and not ready for rehoming.

More details can be found in the message written by Velser who rescued Kuzya.

14-09-2011, 23:55
Fundraising for Kuzya is ongoing.
His current condition is stable but not normal so he will need rhynoscopy which will cost about 10 000 rubles.

His condition is satisfactory because he sneazes and clusters of white matter flow out of his right nostril. One eye still looks depressed and it is covered by a film. Kuzya has a good appetite and plays with other cats but his condition is not normal-he is not healthy and not ready for rehoming.

More details can be found in the message written by Velser who rescued Kuzya.
Whom should I give some money for his treatment?
(sigh, my cat doesnt need anything anymore)

15-09-2011, 01:11
Andrey, it would be nice if you could contact Irina and she will advise. Thank you.
I am very sorry to hear about your cat.

22-09-2011, 00:57
'Velser' wrote on 21.9.2011, 11:56 that on Sunday 25 сентября she will go with Kuzya to the clinic Biocontrol. First he will be inspected by the doctor and if the doctor says it s ok to do rhynoscopy it will be done.
The cost of rhynoscopy in the Biocontrol clinic is 7300 rubles, with the consulation of the doctor + blood test the total will reach about 10 thousand rubles
Financial help will be very much appreciated.

04-10-2011, 01:59
Kuzya after his third surgery:

http://s004.radikal.ru/i208/1110/00/18973a8063ae.jpg (http://www.radikal.ru)

http://s50.radikal.ru/i130/1110/06/22bca9dfde3e.jpg (http://www.radikal.ru)

http://i006.radikal.ru/1110/30/cd244fdcd117.jpg (http://www.radikal.ru)

15-10-2011, 16:15
Kuzya is feeling better after his third surgery. Less liquid is flowing out of his nose, and it looks better.http://pesikot.org/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=177145&view=findpost&p=6793348
Financial help is very much appreciated, as it is still a long way to the time when one can speak of his adoption.
Up to now, these are the expenses and the total amount donated for rescue
(the details can be found in the financial report http://pesikot.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=177268)

Total raised: 50 068,32
Total spent: 68 663,95

It is always very valuable to have people who help an animal on a monthly basis. It would be highly appreciated if such people appeared in Kuzya's story.
Getting one-off help, no matter how small it may seem to you (even 100 rubles) is equally important. Large amounts needed for help often come up as a total of very small donations.
The money can be transferred to the accounts
Yandex 41001292948548
Sberbank (the card number will be communicated in the mailbox)
or it can be handed over to Velser
If you make any tranfsers, please inform Velser so that she knows whom it comes from and so that she can include the money into the financial report.

You can also help by buying soft food for Kuzya (please check which type he is eating now).
You can visit Kuzya at the temporary paid foster home (perederzhka). Maybe when you meet him in person, you will like him and adopt him when he is fit enough and ready to be re-homed. He is a very tender and purring cat, despite of what he has had to go through.

Victoria 55
17-10-2011, 20:51
I'm so glad to hear that some foreigners are concerned about animals which need help. Your mentality is great (compared to some Russians).Thanks for your kindness and caring for animals in trouble.
Thanks a lot.:applause:

23-10-2011, 01:01
I'm so glad to hear that some foreigners are concerned about animals which need help. Your mentality is great (compared to some Russians).Thanks for your kindness and caring for animals in trouble.
Thanks a lot.:applause:
Victoria 55,
thank you for your message.
at the forum pesikot most of us are Russians, though there are some expats. There are about 91725 users , not only from Moscow , from other towns as well, and anybody who wants to help animals is welcome to join the forum-Russians and expats. It is a community of individuals who help animals spending their own time and money.

Kuzya is feeling much better, practially no liquid is flowing out of his nose, but help is still needed to pay for his perederzhka (temporary paid foster home). Here are the details

01-11-2011, 00:48
Kuzya is doing not very well again.
The hole in the mouth has re-appeared. For some reason the tissues cannot keep together.
Maybe the problem is originated by the immune system.
Kuzya is staying in the clinic again.
A lot of liquid flows from his nose again.
The good news is that his appetite is very good.
The blood tests results are good.
The X-ray shot taken from the front shows some asymmetry.
No tumors.
It was decided to make tests for FELV and FIV.
Sensitivity to antibiotics will also be tested. The results of this test will be ready in 10 days.
This new condition brings along a lot of new expenses and worries about Kuzya’s health.

12-11-2011, 01:22
Kuzya’s detailed news can be found here.

The tests showed Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, so Kuzya is taking a mild antibiotic again. After surgery he will be taking stronger antibiotics.
He is feeling better and is gaining some weight.
His nose is getting cleared as the stuff goes out of it (he is currently taking a German medicine from Bionorica)
In about 5-6 days doctors will consider if surgery is possible. This time surgery will be very complicated.

23-11-2011, 00:21
Kuzya has purulence again.
He has been dewormed before his next surgery.
Antibiotics will be given to him for 12 days
On Thursday or Wednesday it will be clear when his next surgery will be.
The doctor will be looking for the moving parts in the upper jaw bone, which do not allow the stitches to grow together, it is also possible that the bone will be fastened together, not just the tissue. It is still not clear what is rotting inside.
Financial help for this forthcoming surgery is still needed and will be very much appreciated.

The estimated cost is about 15 000 rubles
(X-ray, blood tests, expensive strong antibiotics, complex surgery, IV infusions)

Some new pictures of Kuzya can be seen here:
http://s017.radikal.ru/i436/1111/26/08bd304eb957t.jpg (http://radikal.ru/F/s017.radikal.ru/i436/1111/26/08bd304eb957.jpg.html)

Victoria 55
23-11-2011, 20:44
So sad, I really got sad.
But I'm wondering that why did the cruel people did so?
Can you tell me that?
Do you like cat? Good)

25-11-2011, 00:16
Kuzya was being operated on from 3 pm to 7-30 pm.
The upper jaw bones were uncovered and it was discovered that they were broken, which had not been visible in the X-ray shots. The purulence eroded the bones. Fortunately the erosion did not get as far as the bones which cover the brain.
The hole between the nose and the mouth was opened and cleansed mechanically..
For 5-7 days 3 different solutions will be used to cleanse it (it will be done by the surgeons-highly qualified doctors, not by support staff).
In a month it will be stitched together if everything goes well.
The price of the manipulations was 6980 (less than planned because the antibiotics were not used and no stitching was done)
Kuzya needs Viyo for improvement of his immune status and gaining some mass.

25-12-2011, 00:43
Kuzya's videos!

Kuzya is feeling better, he is gaining weight and there is less stuff in his nose.
On January 5-10 a decision will be taken on the date of his surgery.
The management of the clinic has given Kuzya a discount due to his prolonged stay in the clinic, every 7th day of his stay is free of charge.
Kuzya’s current budget will last for another week of the stay in the clinic, after that help will be needed again.
Napkins will also be highly appreciated, if anyone can donate them for Kuzya.
More details can be found here:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all readers of Kuzya’s story!

13-01-2012, 01:51
After the New year holidays Kuzya has had more tests taken prior to his surgery (the details can be found here http://pesikot.org/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=177145&view=findpost&p=7140173
When the tests results are ready, preparation for surgery with antibiotics will start.
Implantation materials will be purchased.
More blood tests will be done and a consultation of a cardiologist will be received.
The implants will be installed into the bone of the palate. The movement of th tongue will be limited for some time after the surgery, so that they can get “rooted”.
Kuzya will be getting the food through the pipe in his nose, his mouth will be sewn up for 4-5 days.

The cost of materials will be 3000-4000 rubles, the surgery itself will cost about 10 000-12 000.
Help is very much appreciated. The details are given here: http://pesikot.org/forum/index.php?s=&showtopic=177145&view=findpost&p=7169090

21-02-2012, 00:20
Kuzya is still at hospital, waiting for his surgery

http://images.vfl.ru/ii/1328972823/614591c4/324850_m.jpg (http://vfl.ru/fotos/614591c4324850.html)
http://images.vfl.ru/ii/1328972826/bbd49bb0/324851_m.jpg (http://vfl.ru/fotos/bbd49bb0324851.html)
http://images.vfl.ru/ii/1328972829/6a44a188/324852_m.jpg (http://vfl.ru/fotos/6a44a188324852.html)

27-02-2012, 23:51
The liquid keeps flowing from Kuzya's nose and his immune system needs to be stnengthened before the next surgery, so the day of the surgery has been postponed by about a week, and Immunoglobulin has been prescribed (the price is from 2000 rubles). The debt in the clinic at the moment is 3500 rubles.
Financial support from Kuzya's fans will be appreciated at this moment.

Kuzya is in a good purring mood.

27-03-2012, 22:52
On March 22 Kuzya had his surgery.
Osteomyelitis has made a hole in the hard palate and it has grown larger since the previous surgery, but now it is cleaner. He has a hole in the soft palate and in the hard palate.
The cavities in the bone were filled with the special material, коллапан, mucus membrane was stretched on top of it, and fixed with mesh used for hernia surgery. The mesh is to fall off in 5-7 days
The hole in the soft palate cannot be covered as the mucus membrane has covered it on perimeter. But the food does not get into it.
It is important to stop osteomyelisis and it is important that the materials “get rooted” in the bone
If osteomyelisis is not stopped, the purulence will go into the brain.
The situation is very complicated.

On March 26 the mesh got loose and the filling material fell out.
But Kuzya has good appetite and the liquid is not flowing from his nose.

The doctors are fighting osteomyelitis and give him antibiotics.
Regarding the hole in the palate, the doctors do not know what to do.

Kuzya’s pictures from 10 March
http://images.vfl.ru/ii/1331400589/0d4bccb6/385026_m.jpg (http://vfl.ru/fotos/0d4bccb6385026.html)

http://images.vfl.ru/ii/1331400808/32ecbb7b/385034_m.jpg (http://vfl.ru/fotos/32ecbb7b385034.html) http://images.vfl.ru/ii/1331400865/ad3ea00b/385038_m.jpg (http://vfl.ru/fotos/ad3ea00b385038.html)
http://images.vfl.ru/ii/1331401592/a2317be3/385095_m.jpg (http://vfl.ru/fotos/a2317be3385095.html)

http://images.vfl.ru/ii/1331400918/581f14a9/385040_m.jpg (http://vfl.ru/fotos/581f14a9385040.html)

http://images.vfl.ru/ii/1331400971/0f1f0f46/385041_m.jpg (http://vfl.ru/fotos/0f1f0f46385041.html)

http://images.vfl.ru/ii/1331401438/406fc2d2/385065_m.jpg (http://vfl.ru/fotos/406fc2d2385065.html)


05-05-2012, 00:19
Kuzya is staying in the clinic waiting for yet another surgery.
Financial help is still needed to pay for his stay in the clinic and for the new surgery. He was inspected by new veterinarians during the international veterinarian congress in Moscow www.vetcongress.ru, and one doctor will return to Moscow to do this new surgery for Kuzya.

http://s019.radikal.ru/i607/1205/00/5156f1aadff6.jpg (http://www.radikal.ru)

холодильник тоже не забыли проверить
http://s017.radikal.ru/i440/1205/f4/c4e32bc7e6ab.jpg (http://www.radikal.ru)
http://s019.radikal.ru/i616/1205/0c/e77a85ce3148.jpg (http://www.radikal.ru)
http://i027.radikal.ru/1205/2d/abdc8b295000.jpg (http://www.radikal.ru)

23-05-2012, 01:03
We ask the readers of Kuzya's story to help financially to pay for his further stay in the clinic and tests.
His next surgery will not occur until July. Each month in the clinic costs about 10-12 000 rubles.

http://s16.radikal.ru/i191/1205/4b/4097a06c8a68.jpg (http://www.radikal.ru)

http://s019.radikal.ru/i644/1205/f8/806cc2adf42d.jpg (http://www.radikal.ru)
http://s019.radikal.ru/i625/1205/50/1ae3ee8d61e3t.jpg (http://radikal.ru/F/s019.radikal.ru/i625/1205/50/1ae3ee8d61e3.jpg.html) http://s001.radikal.ru/i196/1205/78/4a4d098bd40ct.jpg (http://radikal.ru/F/s001.radikal.ru/i196/1205/78/4a4d098bd40c.jpg.html)

10-08-2012, 00:39
Kuzya sends his best regards to all the readers of his topic.
Recently he has had his 7th surgery for which a very prominent veterinarian surgeon came from Saratov to Moscow. To pay for his train tickets, hotel and work about 30 000 rubles was raised.
A repeated surgery will be required in 4-5 months.
In the meantime Kuzya has to stay in the clinic where his wound and scars will be treated on a daily basis every 8 hours by qualified staff.
Help is still needed, the average monthly costs are about 10 000 rubles.
Each day in the clinic costs 300-500 rubles.
The detailed information about the recent surgery is here:
and the current status is here:

10-08-2012, 00:47
Has Kuzya been in the clinic for over a year now?

10-08-2012, 01:07
The cat has had 7 (sic!) ops already and is still not fully recovered?

I do sincerely think, it would be more humane to put poor animal to sleep.

12-08-2012, 13:22
But Russia has a vet service.