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16-05-2011, 15:41
Hi there,

I have recently moved to Moscow with my partner for his job. I am now also trying to find employment. Being an English speaker with minimal Russian language skills (and not being sent here by an employer as an expat) does anyone have suggestions as to how I can go about finding employment? Or contacts of employers looking for English only speakers? Any advice would be much appreciated.

My background is advertising but I'm not adverse to trying something new!


16-05-2011, 16:53

language tutor
16-05-2011, 17:04
Hello, You can do English tutoring and I advice you to learn Russian better. Good luck!

16-05-2011, 17:22
Hi Amy!
Please check my last thread and let me know if you are interested!


16-05-2011, 17:45
English tutoring/Governess is something I am looking into I just thought the expat community might have alternative ideas I hadn't thought of. Re Russian lessons, I really do need them! Are you offering to take lessons? If so, how much per hour? Thanks :D

16-05-2011, 21:46
Difficult - you have to get a work permit although I gather on some voluntary work this is not necessary.

16-05-2011, 23:07
you could try either www.hh.ru or www.superjob.ru.

in general, the best places to start would be foreign companies, such as say, price waterhouse cooper, or the other big 4 companies.

etc etc.

just download firefox to surf to hh.ru (it has an autotranslate function, although hh is also in english)