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Len Ganley Stance
17-08-2007, 17:21
Oh dear.......this could easily come back and bite Fergie on the a*se........

Sir Alex Ferguson will gladly accept an expensive bottle of wine from Sven-Goran Eriksson on Sunday - but he has no intention of sharing it with the former England coach.

The duo had a stormy relationship during Eriksson's five-and-a-half years in charge of the national side and go head-to-head in a Manchester derby for the first time this weekend as resurgent City face a United side who are without a win so far this term.

Eriksson is reportedly ready to mark the occasion by splashing out 400 on a bottle of vintage red to hand the Red Devils boss. But if he thinks Ferguson will open it during their post-match chat, the Swede is sadly mistaken.

"I am not aware of the wine," he said.

"If he gives me a present I will accept it, but I will not be sharing it with him. I will take it home instead."

Given their past history, Ferguson steered clear of offering any major personal analysis of Eriksson's managerial record, preferring instead to focus his attention on City as a whole.

Eriksson, he noted, is the Blues' 12th manager during his own near 21-year stint as United boss - a tenure which reached a glorious peak on his side's last visit to Eastlands in May when a single-goal win effectively sealed his ninth championship crown.

"Last year was amazing," he laughed.

"They spent a fortune on those blue-and-white scarves for all the fans and they never had a shot at goal, or tried to beat us.

"We were trying to win the league, and they were quite happy."

Ferguson's assessment may be stretching a point slightly, given Edwin van der Sar saved a late Darius Vassell penalty which would have earned City a draw.

Nevertheless, the relatively timid manner of that defeat hastened Stuart Pearce's departure.

Despite public doubts over his record with England, Eriksson has had an immediate impact at the Blues.

Successive wins over West Ham and Derby mean even if City were to lose on Sunday, they would still head their local rivals in the table.

Yet as Ferguson is only too aware, success brings its own pressures - and given the desperation of the City fans to end a 31-year trophy drought, the heat is on.

"It is a big season for every City manager that comes along, especially so this time because they have spent a bagful of money on players," he said.

"No matter what people say, there is an expectation now because they have won their first two games. They have to manage that. That is more difficult."

Having noted Eriksson had talks with Aston Villa and "another club" he opted not to name, Ferguson is not surprised to see the Swede returning to life as a manager in England.

What has caught him slightly on the hop is the sheer number of unknown players Eriksson has brought in from abroad, which makes planning for Sunday's encounter slightly difficult.

"I know about (Martin) Petrov and (Rolando) Bianchi," he said.

"They were on the radar screen for everyone for a long time. But I don't know about the rest of them. Time will tell."

19-08-2007, 23:42
It's always good to see City get one over UTD.
City sitting pretty at the top, 3 wins out of 3,can't be bad.Sven is doing something right.

About my team,Liverpool, i didn't see the game(was away fishing)but from what i read ,it seems we were robbed,it wasn't a penalty,but refs have been known to cave under pressure,this isn't good enough in a game like this....Good to see Torres score his first for Liverpool and even better it was at home.

Kraven Morehead
20-08-2007, 06:34
Since he is from my hometown, what do you think about Owen Hargreaves?

Len Ganley Stance
20-08-2007, 08:42
Hargreaves is a good player and will do well for United. He made a relatively slow start in yesterday's game but was probably United's best player in the second half.

He's had a lot of criticism in the past when he's played for England but it's pretty unfair as most of the time he was not playing in his natural position.


The referree in your game completely lost the plot and the penalty should never have been given. Torres scored an excellent goal and looked fairly lively. I actually thought that Kuyt was your best player though as he never stopped running. I'm surprised that Rafa was quite restrained in his comments after the game - most other managers would have been fuming. Maybe Rafa thought 'wtf, the referree gave the penalty / Chelsea scored and no matter what I say isn't going to change that and will end up costing me a fine for speaking out'. Worst referring decision you'll see this season though and you probably did enough to deserve to win yesterday.

Our game was one of those that if we were still playing now we still wouldn't have scored. Fair play to City, they had one attack and scored.

Len Ganley Stance
20-08-2007, 08:44
By the way, there was an excellent headline in the Times today on the match report from City / United. It read -

Swede 1 Beetroot 0

20-08-2007, 13:12
Lost the plot is right,the ref shouldn't be allowed to ref a top game ever again.Rafa is well p*ssed off with the ref,Liverpool should make an offical complaint.

20-08-2007, 13:48
Hey Len, i bet Fergie is feeling a bit sick inside because he let van nistelrooy
go,Utd need to sort themselves out or they will be out of the title race by winter..

Len Ganley Stance
20-08-2007, 14:09
Hey Len, i bet Fergie is feeling a bit sick inside because he let van nistelrooy
go,Utd need to sort themselves out or they will be out of the title race by winter..


It's three games into the season and to put things into perspective, Manchester City are on top with a two point advantage over Chelsea. Wigan are third and Everton are fourth. How many of those teams will be in the top four at the end of the season? I'll tell you, the answer is One.

United are currently missing - three of the four first team strikers we have at the club through injury. Yesterday, we only had player who would be considered a first team striker available. That was Carlos Tevez, who has had no preseason and is probably not 100% match fit, although he is not very far off. We did have Frazier Campbell who is 19 on the bench yesterday and he did come on but I think that yesterday proved the point that we should have hung onto either Rossi or Alan Smith. We created lots of chances in the game but couldn't put the ball in the back of the net. That happens.

We are not panicking and I fancy us to thump somebody in the next few games.

20-08-2007, 14:17
It's not the panic button stage for UTD yet,but they best get on track or they will have a mountain to climb.By selling Rossi and Smith,Fergie made a cock up there,roll on the champs league because with the way your team is playing , you could be knocked out in the grou stage.