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03-05-2011, 17:27

Some of you may have been following our regular football fans' panel at www.themoscownews.com. For the last couple of seasons we've invited supporters of Moscow teams to comment on how things are going at their clubs. The style is a kind of 606 (Radio 5 phone in show from the UK) in writing, and it's all fairly informal.

However, squad rotation comes to us all, and our Loko man, Ed Bentley, is being lured away by the promise of meat pies and Bovril at Vicarage Road. So, there's a vacancy for a box-to-box midfielder with a great little engine who might fancy turning out a few thoughts on the Krasno-zelyoniye on a week-by-week basis. There's no pay, but there's not really much more commitment than pushing a few sentences my way on a Monday morning.

Supporters of other clubs are also welcome to get involved: the bigger the squad, the better the results (terms and conditions apply). Anyone interested in seeing their name in print and sharing a bit of footie banter should drop me a PM.

All the best,

03-05-2011, 20:00
Oh I remember this. Wrote reports about CSKA matches.

04-05-2011, 14:09
CSKA contributions are also welcome; as are Dinamo and Spartak. It would be nice to get a bit more banter boucing around between our contributors, and the more people are involved the less hassle it is chasing up over holidays and so on.