View Full Version : A question as old as Russia!

15-08-2007, 12:54
It is intersting to know opinion of people from both from outside and local ones. What do you relate Russia to - Europe or Asia? Please give me your reasons:sunny:

How could I correct the poll? The second option is Asia!

16-08-2007, 01:15
Depends really, what do you mean by "Europe", then what you mean by "relate" :)

Just last year that 'relate' part was quite funny in 'Energy' - talks, this year its getting more funny, on 'jurisdiction' and 'safety'.

I think Russians are not European, and are not 'Russian', as most people romanticize about..

Partially yes, its European.. but then again I miss the importance..

No, not European, and with the rate its going, in 10 or so years there wont be much left of it...

16-08-2007, 18:57
:queen: I live in Moscow. Moscow is the state. I consider that Russia is closer to the Europe. Simply at us the huge country and we different. I was in a solitude - people there good. To us other conditions - opportunities at Russians are. Our people has gained, has lost there. Are at us keen people if only did not stir it.

19-08-2007, 22:34
Perhaps when they decide to join the EU then possibly Europe. The fact that they won't even consider it then Russian. I think it would be good for Europe and Russia if they did join the EU.

Previously I always considered all of Russia a mixture of European and Asian, and Moscow was on its own being European.

20-08-2007, 16:35
To my mind most of Russians would like either to call themselves Europeans or claim that Russia is so unique, that could not be grouped anywhere.
As for EU I do not think that this kind of takeover of Union by Russia would ever happen. Europeans are already unhappy with all of those Eastern European coutries in the Union, and Russia will deal the final blow to Europe.

21-08-2007, 21:15
Europe is scared of large populations..if the population is bigger than Germany or France, then forget it :D so I suppose they will try a ethnic divide of Russia into chew-able bits but will the remaining European bits contain anything worth their while thats another question..