View Full Version : Basketball - Monday 2nd - Come join in!

29-04-2011, 19:25
Ok, a few of us are going to play basketball on Monday, around 4pm (should be cool enough by this time), at Festival Park.
There are a few courts there, free of charge, and we should be able to get a decent game going. At the moment we have 5 players, which means 2 on 3, but, come along and we might be able to get a 4 v 4 or maybe even something else. I don't imagine the quality of play will be great, we are not 6 foot 5 ballers after all, but it's good enough.

PM me to exchange phone numbers if you want to come along.

29-04-2011, 22:17
hi, i would like to jon you but i don t know where is this park. Is there a metro station?

30-04-2011, 10:26
hi, i would like to jon you but i don t know where is this park. Is there a metro station?

I have PM'd you.

I'm 6'4" and played a little ball in back in hs and college. Can I play?

Of course. ''6'4'' and played a little ball back in college.'' I have a feeling you might be a little bit better than us :)
Have PM'd you too.

See you both then.

Any others want to join in?

30-04-2011, 11:12
This sound good. Where is festival park?

30-04-2011, 11:15

here's Festival Park next to Rizhskaya Subway station.
It's free, as far as i am aware, and has seven courts open to the public.

Come along Dicorp!

01-05-2011, 11:55
This is nice.Can you PM the details pls? Thanks

04-05-2011, 00:26
do you do this every week? Ive been playing at Presnaya park for two years now every sunday during the warm months. the court is so so and the baskets are a bit low but weve had some great games there. If you have some players that would be up for a game every sunday lets play and im up for checking out a new court if its as good as you say it is. let me know what you think.